Monday, July 6, 2009

Tags & Awards (Part 3)

I think it is about time that I post my Tags & Awards (part 3) because my blog page became longer and longer. I have some blogger friend complaining that it took too long for them to open my blog and doing this will help a bit.
Thank you very much for all those who tagged me and gave me these awards. You inspired me very much. These tags and awards are from the period of February 13, 2008 to the present time. Feel free to grab or drag any of these tags and awards. These are all for us, bloggers. Let us keep blogging!
Thank you, Maria
Thank you, Tammy ...... Thank you, Yen , Vhing and Rose
Thank you, Yen ............. Thank you, Ronin
Thank you, Ronin .......... Thank you, Jacky , Chuchie , Rose and Clarissa


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wow! super daming awards! ^_^ congrats sis! btw, can i grab ung sunshine award?

Denise said...


Clarissa said...

You're very much welcome, dear Grace and thanks for being friendly!!^_^