Friday, August 14, 2009

Boost Up Your Twitter Followers List

For a lot of times that I got comments on my posts asking me where is the “Follower” element of my blog. Follower element is very essential in the blog in order to know who are those following your post and also, it will be easier for them to regularly check on your blog. I know I had explained this already, but I believe that most of my readers missed that post. The reason why you can’t find the follower element on my blog because I removed it, but the amazing thing is, it still displayed who followed me if I want to know; and I can always put back my follower elements with all those followers list intact.
Talking about following, and if you are a Twitter user like me, let me share to you that Huge Following is a service that helps build followers on your Twitter account. This will help you get more followers on Twitter in just few hours. Here is how it works: log in via the Twitter Login box in their site and then Follow 20 Random Regular Users and All VIP Users. You are then added to Huge Following and every time someone logs in, you have a chance of appearing as one of the random 20 accounts that they must follow. Although it is currently in the early stages, but it has very viral potential in booming your Twitter. Join with me in heading to their site and be add up.


Make Money Malaysia said...

I've joined the site. I have yet to see the result.

Denise said...

Helpful as always.