Monday, August 31, 2009

Can't Decide Yet? Store Them!

After several weeks of rough negotiation with the management of condo in Florida, we finally got the deal. Paperwork is done and the money was sent, so, I think it is safe to declare that the place is officially “ours” now. Although I did some packing few weeks ago already, but there are still a whole lot stuff to pack. There are some of our stuff that we are not so sure on what to do about them as of now, and we don’t want to either sell or give them away. We have decided to place them in the storage for a while. I think it is alright, since we still need to come up here to visit every once in a while.
Talking about the storage, we both agreed that self-storage is cool. It is the easier way to clear the clutter from our home without giving away things that are dear to us. Self Storage Units Phoenix AZ provides a large selection of packing and moving supplies to make our moving job easier. They got everything you need from boxes to seal & lock your stuff. Self Storage Units Phoenix AZ are clean and have a friendly staff that can accommodate you. To reserve a storage unit, start by checking out for the location near you to get a complete list and to reserve your moving and packing supplies today.


Denise said...

Storage units can be so useful.

Joops said...

So you're moving to Floriad eh?

ryliej said...

Goodluck on your relocation sis!

Anonymous said...

i agree with denise, it can be useful..good luck sis