Saturday, August 8, 2009

Flower Of The Week #8- (?)

Being here in USA is a privilege to see all the beautiful flowers that are not available in my country, Philippines. I love flowers very much. My mother does, too. I want to make a photo collection of them starting this day. I will be posting the "Flower of the Week every Friday. These flowers will either be from our garden or from somewhere that I will have PERSONAL ENCOUNTER to... and definitely, they will be from my camera, too.
I found these flowers during Sara Keys open house party at the house of her dad a couple of months ago. I took picture of these because they really look so amazing. I mean, they are so awesome! Do you agree with me? Heart shape flowers! Oh my goodness! They are just so unique. Too bad nobody knows the name of these flowers, and that is why I can't put the name of this flower on the title. This is one of the flowers that I took pictures that I didn't know what are the names.
I want to believe that somehow, one of you seen this kind of flowers already... and probably, you know the name of these flowers. I would appreciate it very much if you leave me a word or two on my comment page, telling me what is the name of this flower. Thank you very much.