Thursday, August 27, 2009

Murder In The Thumb

This book is about the powerful true story of the life of Robin Adams who was tragically murdered at the age of seventeen. The mystery did not end in the tomb, it was believed that some dark force extracting vengeance for the shame brought on the killer s family because of the way the case was solved. A psychic began assisting the detective. The psychic predicted that a surprise witness would come forward and identified another suspect who later failed a polygraph test. A break in the case came when the prime suspect s younger sister told a boyfriend that she helped commit the crime. She and her brother were charged with murder. A Roman Catholic priest represented the ex-boyfriend. The story might have ended after the trial, but it didn't. The sister's boyfriend suffered a series of injuries, which a medium blamed on black magic. Two trial witnesses died a year apart (same date) and several others connected to the case or members of their families were struck by tragedy.
Since this mysterious tragedy happened in Caro, Michigan, and my husband's family knew few of the involved persons that were mentioned in this book, my mom-in-law bought a copy of this book and had the author Richard W. Carson, the author himself, signed the book for my MIL. Carson is a seasoned journalist who spent two decades poring over trial transcripts and interviewing more than 200 people in nine states and two prisons.


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Denise said...

Nice review.

Anonymous said...

I am Robins brother although I am in the book I believe that god has helped me get through life . He is the reason for life. Thanks to Dick for caring about Robin this is A book that keeps her exsistance alive Dan Adams

Hi! I'm Grace said...
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Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Dan Adams, I am thrilled that you were in my blog and have read this post. I asked my husband if he happened to know you, he said he don't.
But anyway, thanks for the comment and for hopping here in my blog. You are very welcome here anytime, Dan Adams. :)