Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Version Of In-House Steam Bath

Several days ago, I felt strange in my body. I even suspected it was depression. I didn't know what to do to make me feel better. I realized that I need to run, (just as how I used to do when I was still in the Philippines) but it was too cold to run outside. I came up with the idea of in-house sauna. Since I can't find the small camping tent we have in the garage, I had come up with the idea of using blanket and I did this in our bathroom. Here is what I did:
*I boiled a pot of water and place it on the floor (I used fleece blanket on the floor).
*I cover myself and the pot of steaming hot pot of water with the thick blanket and I aimed my face and chest toward the steam.
*I just let myself sweat out and stayed in there for 20 minutes.
Sweating is a major part of staying healthy! Sweating plays a vital role in helping to maintain our good health. It helps our body perform two very important tasks: One, it helps regulate body temperature and two, it helps your body rid itself of waste material. Sweat contains almost the same elements as urine. I know, sounds kinda nasty. But that's why the skin is sometimes nicknamed the third kidney.
It's estimated that as much as 30% of bodily wastes can be eliminated through perspiration. Sauna and steam baths can also be called sweat baths. Although the idea of "sweat bathing" doesn't sound too appealing, but consider this: Anti-perspirants, artificial environments, smog, synthetic clothing, and a sedentary lifestyle all help clog up your skin pores and inhibit the healthy flow of sweat.


Denise said...

Great tip.

Cascia said...

Sweating is good for you and can help you to lose weight.