Tuesday, September 8, 2009

International Internship For Global Experiences

The idea of international internship had always been my dream when I was still in my teen-age years. My passion was in journalism, writing about different culture and places; but because at that time my sister needed me to help her take care of her children, so I had no choice but to set my dream aside “for a while”. I told myself, there’ll be plenty of time for me ahead. But somehow, as time unfolds, my interest multiplies and I was not so sure anymore which one to pursue.
Probably some of you would like to ask me what is an international internship ? It is the chance to practice your English and learn about international work culture by taking classes overseas and working as an unpaid intern at a certain company. If you are lucky, some companies are generous and give weekly compensation to cover your transportation, accommodation and food. Intern must be willing to work 20-40 hours a week for six weeks. I heard that internship in Australia is very interesting. Imagine spending Christmas on the beach and June on the ski slopes? Totally different, huh?
If you are interested for international internships 2010 , let me share to you this website; GlobalExperiences.com. It is an international education program provider, specializing in international internships and work experience abroad, summer internships, fashion internships abroad, teaching English as a second language, and similar programs.


Anonymous said...

well, at least kahit paano nagagamit mo ngayon ang hilig mo dati na magsulat. di ba? napakinabangan mo rin..

Silver said...

ThaT sounds wonderful, Grace! Hope everything is going well for you!


Denise said...

Thanks for the information.