Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September- Library Card Sign-Up Month

The school will start on September 8th and I am so sure that school goers are getting excited. This remind me when I was still going to school, too. The anticipation of meeting new classmates was always very exciting. The popular phrase that plays very important role during that time is the "First Impression Lasts."
Aside from that, another exciting thing about school is to be able to go to the library. Oh I love going to library. September is "Library Card Sign-Up Month". The library card is considered the smartest card of all and every student should have one. A library card has always been the most important school supply of all. Kids can come to the library to get homework help and check out books, but they can also play games, check out music, books, and DVD's and use the Internet to helpmake after school life fun. There's a lot happening at the library and the best part for both kids and parents is that it's all free with a library card.
To all the students of batch 2009-2010; may you have a wonderful "first day of school" !


Denise said...

I love the library.

Susan said...

The library is a life-long love of mine, too :) Hope the first day of school goes well!