Saturday, September 5, 2009

Share Your Thoughts

Internet has a real big impact in my life in the present time than when I was still in the Philippines. Being a housewife and stayed most of the time in the house, I learned to seek friendship and world’s update through internet. I involved myself in few online forums, blogging and “interactive” gaming that I find enjoyable and had really made sense. It’s fun, and it keep me from being bored here in where I am.
Talking about online forum, I just stumble on one website that I find very interesting. is a very active social conversation site. It has a daily news section where members discuss breaking news stories and participate in community news discussion. It has a selection of easy-to-use widgets that give you complete control over how you interact with the community by simply deciding what information you would like to know and your account is then automatically updated with your friend’s latest blog posts, updates and more.
In, although it is not required to agree with everyone, but it is required for people to be respectful of each other with the hope that we all can learn more from our experiences and society can better adapt to the rapidly changing times. There is so much learning you get from this site and this is the reason why I am so thankful with the interactive communities in the web like

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