Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Smartest Scanner

It is really amazing how genius people keep on inventing things to make our life easier. I just found a website that introduces product line that are really impressive; They are reselling the Docketport line of scanners via their new website. (Just click on the highlighted word to get you to their website.) Their line of scanners features a variety of simplex and duplex scanners. They are available in two sizes: A6 card scanners and A4 document scanners. All their scanners are USB powered.
Here is one scanner that is really cool, syscan. This software is an easy-to-use scanner and software from CSSN that automates the process of transferring data from medical cards into electronic format. The scanned data can be sent to a file or to a database as well as integrated into existing patient management systems. The required information fields are automatically populate for the user without any intervention. This software transforms the front office of physicians. It saves time from doing the photocopying, entering patient and billing information by hand, or retrieving hardcopies from patient files.
Let us embrace Dockerport. Let us cherish technology that made everything easier. Let us take advantage of these inventions. Visit their website for more information.