Thursday, October 1, 2009

Avoid Bathroom Falls

My friend’s mother had a bad accident; she slipped while stepping into the bath tub to have a shower. It was a serious accident that it paralyzed the left part of her body. The good thing was that she has a healthy heart and that she had survived from the accident. It is so sad to know that there have been quite numbers of bathroom falls by senior . I always pray to God that my mama is always safe in everything she does and everywhere she go.
Somehow, I am glad that somebody sees the problem and had come up with the idea of walk in bath tubs. It designed to be easy to enter, easy to exit, they invented the palm pad door opener: just push down with an open hand, closed fist, or elbow. They also use textured walkin tub floors for safety and a comfortable soft seat cushion available on some models and the luxurious 16 air jet massage. This is definitely perfect for senior use.
Safety is always our concern and should be prioritized. Visit for more information about tub safety. I believe that we don’t have to be seniors to feel that we need this walk in bath tubs. I know I would like to have one for our house, too.


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

Sorry to hear about what happened to the friend of your mom.

Denise said...

Very helpful.