Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bonding Moment With Fluffer

Fluffer is my husband's dog since he was a puppy and he is 14 years old now. After packing our things, my husband had a bonding moment with Fluffer in the receiving room while they were watching TV show.
I hugged Fluffer. He looked so sad. I wonder if dogs have some intuition, too. Maybe they can feel that we will be separated from him for good. I feel so sad. We love Fluffer very much. He always wants to lie down with us every night, especially if there is thunder or lightning. Sad to say that we can't have a dog in our apartment.
I just hope that by the time that we can visit here in Michigan again, he will still be here. I believe that a home is much livelier with pet/pets around. I just hope that someday we can buy our own house so that we can have Fluffer back with us.