Sunday, October 25, 2009

Church Seeking #1 - Lighthouse Christian Church

My husband and I agreed that we will spend 8 Sundays seeking for a church congregation around Merritt Island, Florida, until we find a church congregation that has a good doctrine, healthy relationship to God and to each other, good "praise and worship" songs and above all, good prayer habit.
This is the first church we have been to since we move here in Merritt Island, Florida; Lighthouse Christian Church . It is only 5 minutes drive away from our place. They welcomed us warmly and let us sign on their visitors book. They give us fliers and hand to us a paper bag with something in it that I didn't care to find out. They started their service at 10 o'clock and we were seated comfortably 2 minutes before they started.
The music was great with four back up singers, and many kinds of instruments. My husband loved it. The members are friendly and warm. There was a song presentation by some members which was so beautiful. Very well conducted. The sermon's title was "What Your Family Needs Most" using the text Genesis 35:1-15, delivered by Pastor Bill Schoneman.
My first comment is that I think the Pastor is gifted in delivering the message with a sense of humor. I can't help but think that it was almost like a "One Man Stand Comedy" performance. Everybody was really laughing all the time. I realized, too, that there is nothing wrong with that. It may be the gift that God gave to him and obviously, he is effective on his ministry. We deal with each other in a different way, in according to the gift that was given to us. The most important thing is that we do our service with undevided heart and offered our service for the kingdom of God. The pastor is good. My husband likes him.
My other comment is that the "Praise & Worship" portion was spirit-filled, but...very short. It was only 1 praise song and 2 worship songs. I wish it was more than that because I believe that God takes pleasure in our offering of songs as in unison and it is one of the reasons why God created us, to worship Him as a congregation.
My last comment is that I see that this church has a good prayer habit. It is a good sign. I believe that prayer is the strongest foundation any church should have. Praise be to God for this church congregation.
And by the way, when we get home, I took out what was inside the paper bag that was handed to us, it was a medium-sized Banana-Nut Cake. Praise God again for that.


Denise said...

Praying for God to lead you where He wants you.

Rossel said...

humorous pastors are great. they keep everyone wide awake and listening to God's words.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

have a faith in God always..

dhemz said...

that's great sis....most christian churches I've been to were very welcoming...usahay ma overwhlemed ko...hahahaha....hubby and I both go to a different churches....puli puli kibali among style....wa man jud nako g give up akong pagka katoliko.

thanks tuod sa comment oo tuod no...asa naman tong inyong mga doggies? imong inlaws nag bantay? na pag aqua nalang diha...hehehe!

Thena said...

It's awesome when your able to find a Bible based church. That's the preacher preaches the truth and not the watered down stuff.

Lisa said...

Good to know you've found a church there Grace. I like listening to pastors with a good sense of humor and a lively pastor too who preach the Word straight from the Bible. It's one way to get the people's interest and attention.

Sharkbytes said...

Hope you find a church that meets your needs.

Be Thou My Vision said...

To Love God... is to trust everything. To trust everything.. you need to "take action".