Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Cut My Own Hair

I can't take it anymore. My hair is growing longer and longer that I didn't think it was looking great at all because it has dry ends and looked so unhealthy. Plus, the longer my hair goes, the more falling hair I had everytime I took shower. So, I talked to my husband about cutting my hair for few inches, which we had to debate over before I had him finally agreed with me.
He wouldn't cut it and I asked somebody I know around, they wouldn't either. What's wrong with them? Cutting few inches from hair is no big deal. I don't want to go to hair parlor to pay $10 for just few inches off from my hair. It is not about making style on my hair. I just want to refresh the ends of my hair.
So, what I did was I took a pair of shears, fine tooth comb and I faced the mirror. Yes, I cut my own hair. It was my first time doing it on myself and I thought it was hard, but it wasn't. I took 4 inches off my hair. It has been 16 months since I arrived here in USA, and I never had a hair cut since then. I am very happy that I have accomplished this task.


Dorothy L said...

LOL...this is a funny story because I too cut my own hair. I cannot see the justice in paying to do what I can do just as well. So I totally can feel your frustrations :)
One good thing about hair...it always grows back :)

Clarissa said...

Good for you girl!Sana you called and let your hair done to me--I'll be doing them for free just for you.Well,you have to pay for the plane to take you here to Japan lol!!^_^

LynnW said...

Grace, I do also trim my own hair. It would cost at least $20.00 to get my hair trimmed at the hair dresser. I trim my bangs and have my husband trims the back for me. I am letting it grow, so I do know the need for trims. Have to cut off the dry ends that can make hair look frizzy & frazzled . You have beautiful hair! I like it long on you. But, it's what you want.

Denise said...

Good for you sweetie.