Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Have Rice Allergy?

Some of you must have remembered that I was complaining a lot about my hives everyday. We really can not pinpoint which one caused the hives because I ate different food everyday, and the hives comes out every night and getting worse than ever. Sometimes we thought it was from what I was using on my body such as body soap, shampoo, lotions or maybe the detergent powder; but after changing all of them, I still had the hives. I even had to stop taking my vitamins for a week to find out, but I still had it.
My husband and I were hoping that when we get here in Florida my hives will go away, but during my first 5 days here, I was having hives, too. Then, Charleen and Mary (both are my husband's cousin) suggested that I tried stop eating rice. I didn't think it was rice that caused it because I don't really eat rice everyday while we were in Michigan, but I had hives everyday then. Out of respect, I obeyed their suggestion and stop eating rice. It has been 6 days that I did not eat rice and I didn't have hives for 4 days now. Can it be the rice? Have we finally found the reason of my hives? They suggested that I start eating rice again tomorrow to see if the hives would come back again.
After my husband did some online research about rice allergy, he found out that some medication might have caused me to have rice allergies. This is so strange. I eat rice all my life and all of a sudden, I become allergic to rice. The kind of rice I ate here in USA is made in Thailand, brand name is "Jasmine". Is it possible that this rice have too much preservatives? Of course, when I was still in the Philippines, we bought our "own" (planted in the Philippines) rice.
We will find out after I will try eating rice again. Follow me on this.


jojo said...

Good luck Grace..I hope you find the answer.

Denise said...

Bless your heart.

Susan Weissman said...

Once, at a support group meeting of parents of highly food allergic and athmatic children our attending allergist told us that rice allergy is extremely common in Asia...

dodong flores said...

We are also eating Jasmine rice. That's what I always buy from the nearest grocery store here in my workplace.
It's a bit expensive here given that it is imported from Thailand...

S-H-Y said...

Na we have the same brand of rice, anyway maybe it is impossible that you are allergy to rice since you said you have been a eater of rice since birth, maybe it is the chemical they put on thar rice made you allergy..but anyway goodluck to you hope everything will be fine :P..

jenie said...

o-oh, cant imagine not eating rice?!

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