Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Learn And Grow In Your Teaching Career

One of the many purposes of my Green Card (GC) application is to be able to legally work here in USA. My husband and I agree that both of us will work to build up our savings for the planned trip anywhere in the world. (Gasp) Of course, all of these will only be impossible if it is in accordance to God’s plan in our lives. My mom-in-law suggested that I take some class in order to get job easily. Several of my Filipino friends that came here to be with their spouse/boyfriend were professional teachers back in the Philippines, but were advised to take some teacher training to advance their career.
Talking about teacher training, let me share to you this website that I just come across with. It is the leading provider of distance-learning courses for teachers. It is a place where they help you learn, teach and grow. They provide real-world strategies to educators such as Classroom Management , Assertive Discipline and many more. They help you gain the latest research-based theory and practices. Through this website, you can study anytime, anywhere with their self-paced, distance-learning format.
Well, then, let us not waste our time. Let us go back to studying again and grow while we earn graduate credits.


Denise said...

Good for you sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to India

Anonymous said...

sis good luck and i hope that it will happen soon valuews, reviews, business

the donG said...

wow! i too had the chance to teach for a year. exciting!