Monday, October 12, 2009

Meeting With My Special Friends In Ohio

Beth Ann Lirot. She was my friend (in Ohio) that I was talking about. We met through playing Yahoo! online domino and came to Philippines to see me in person and to hand me personally her gift, a television. How awesome! She came to the Philippines twice and we (together with my bestfriend in the Philippines) had a good time together.
She died from some serious health problem. I was still in the Philippines then. I just sent my eulogy and requested somebody to read it on her funeral. How I wish I was there on her funeral day.
One of my wishes (since I am here now in USA) was to visit Beth's tomb and to meet these wonderful people that are very special to my dear friend, Beth. On our way going down here in Florida, my husband and I agreed that we will stop by shortly to Ohio to fulfill my wish. Above photo was taken in the cemetery (where Beth was buried) with Lynn (Beth's best friend) and Charles (Lynn's husband). I am so happy to be able to finally meet Lynn, whom I have been talking through emails and phones for a long time already.
Right after from cemetery, we went to Beth's house and there I had the chance to meet her very kind husband, Scott, whom I had been talking for a long time before and after Beth died.
Minutes after, Kevin (Beth's brother) came to see me, too. (Thanks for coming, Kevin.) I have been talking to Kevin for a while already, before and after Beth died. He is like a brother to me.
I believe that somebody up there was very happy on what had taken place. Beth must have been smiling as she saw that her love-ones had finally met me; the one she was always happily talking about.
Thank you very much for that lovely day, Lynn, Charles, Scott and Kevin. You have no idea how all of you had made me very happy on that day. May God gave us a chance to see each other again in the future. God bless all of you.


maritz said...

Friends are precious treasures

Denise said...

God bless you.