Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Digital Camera And Me

It was almost a year ago when I bought my first digital camera here in USA. I can still remember how happy I was, with the thought that I can take my digital camera with me wherever I go, take pictures anytime I want and post the pictures on my blog. My husband laughed at me that I have to carry my camera every time we go somewhere. He also laughed at me that I took picture of every small thing that I seen around that I found interesting and something to talk about on my blog. This is what blogging did to me. (He-he-he)
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Rossel said...

hi Grace! importante talaga camera sa bloggers na kagaya natin para may mai-post tayong pictures.

kamusta ka na?

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

I wish The world costliest camera Or I wish I am a skilled photographer.

dhemz said...

very well said sis....

na korek...ako pod woi...na adik ra kaau ko sa digicam...hahahha

hubby does the same thing......ngano kaha ta mga pinoy no...mahilig ug cam....tapos posing pa dayon...waaaaaaaaaaaaa.....hahhahah!

woi sis...permanent na diay mo diha....wow...nice kay florida...pero murag hadlok man guro diha pag naa tornado sa?...

puhon maka laag me diha sis..sulungon ta ka...waaaaa....hahahha!

lagi woi super man daw kaau ka tugnaw didto...hubby used to lived there.

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing.