Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Planning For The Philippine Trip

I am very happy today because my mother-in-law called us and announced to us that my Green Card has already arrived in the house and that they will forward the mail to us. Yes! I am so excited to have my card with me. Now, we can start planning for our visit to my family in the Philippines. Having a Green Card is very important to me. It will enable me to travel anytime and anywhere.

Talking about visiting my family in the Philippines, we want to stay in Singapore for a few days, too. There is something in that city that really attracts us; must be its popularity of their famous infrastructure and awesome sights and its booming industry. We were considering the thought of going there on our way going to Philippines. The good thing is that I just came across this great deal; Accor Hotels 3-Day Super Sale Asia Pacific . We can take advantage on this big savings if we book tonight or not later than 30th of October. Accor Hotels have one million hotel rooms across Asia Pacific at amazingly low rate starting US$30 per night for the stay period of December 2009 up to April 2010. This is perfect for us. This is something that we must not miss. We are both so excited about this trip.

If you are planning a trip to Asia, too, visit their website to be able to take advantage of great savings.



Anonymous said...

Welcome ! Welcome ! Welcome !

dhemz said...

congrats sis...wohoo....nana imo green thing you need to do is get your driver's license!

Denise said...

Very happy for you.