Sunday, November 8, 2009

Handbags Are A Girl's Other Best Friend

We often heard that "Diamonds are a girl's best friend.", but maybe we seldom heard this statement, "Handbags are a girl's other best friend."Most of us, girls, have a lot of handbags that men says we are crazy because we want different handbags every time we go out. I do have a lot of handbags (purses) but none of them were really very expensive to the point of several hundreds to a thousand dollars for each. How I wish I can afford them... No, I think my wondering should be would I still buy a handbag with that price even if I can afford it? Maybe I have to be a Billionaire to be able to buy those kind of prices.
I was looking through internet for LV, Gucci or Coach handbag. Yes, planning to buy both for myself and for my family when I get the chance to visit them early next year. (If God is willing.) I found a lot of them in eBay; some are affordable and some are very expensive. I found very expensive ones from other website, while I found cheaper ones from other website, too. Which one should I go for? If I buy the expensive ones, the things that I will gain are "praises" and "self-worth". If I buy the cheaper ones, I would still gain praises to those who doesn't know how much they really cost, I would still have "self-worth"... and I save a lot of money, too, that will enable me to buy other things that I may need.
Aw! Forget my non-sense thought. After all, who cares? But if you care, and you have some knowledge on these matter such as where to buy safely and cheaper for signature handbags, I would appreciate your input. I would like to thank you in advance.


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

nice bag..saan ka sa cebu..


i recently made a post about bags and wallet. for me it does not matter the cost, what matters is you have money to put inside those bags, wallet or purse,heheheh...

Denise said...

Nice purse.

Dee said...

Hi Grace. :) Nice blog!

I usually buy my bags in Ebay. Ebay is cheaper pa rin basta matiyaga ka lang mag browse and maghintay and mag-bid. Medyo nakaka-disappoint nga lang if you like one bag and you didn't win kasi over na sa budget - this happened to me several times 'coz I place a budget kasi whenever I buy something. Anyway, make sure din na the bag is really authentic 'coz some would say they are pero di naman. Check the seller's history, feedback and such kasi then you'll know if they're honest and good.

Hope you find the purses you are looking for. Have a great day! :)

Workplace On the Web said...

Like you, I love purses too. I go for affordable yet classy ones :)