Saturday, November 28, 2009

Medical Teachers Of Tomorrow

A friend of ours was resigning from practicing medicine because he wants to proceed to medical teaching course. Well, I believe that whatever his choice is, it must be his passion and we morally supported him. He is such a good person and very dear to us. Practicing is one thing and teaching is another thing. We understand that his gift is more in teaching than in doing. And besides, if all learners practice their profession, who will teach the new generation who wants to become a good doctor?
Talking about medical teaching course, he shared to us this website; They run the trainer course for doctors. Medical Teaching Course is a growing field and their aim is to be able to receive the latest in educational theory to enrich their roles as senior doctors and consultants. Teach The Teacher Course are groups of small sizes, individually focused, and delivered by expert clinicians and educationalists to give you the best possible training.
Oxford Medical's career developement courses include Doctor’s Teaching course, a course that will give you all the insight and knowledge required to take your clinical and non-clinical teaching skills to the next level. This specially developed career developement course is aimed at giving formal medical education training to doctors in help improve their teaching skills and styles.
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Denise said...

Helpful information.

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