Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mount Up Your TV

It has been a while that my husband and I break our routine, to watch movie every after dinner. We broke it due to many reasons and the root of all reasons was our moving here. We were not able to get back on track again yet. Hopefully on next week we will be able to do it. We really miss watching movie together. It is our kind of bonding together after the “busy-ness” of the day. That is on top of our priority to stay connected to each other.
Other than the TV that we brought with us from Michigan, we also have a new one that we just bought here in Florida. My husband is planning to mount up on the wall the other TV. He likes it that way. Well, it is up to him. He found a website where he can get what he needs to mount up the TV on the wall, it is It is a trusted site where you can buy TV Bracket. You simply select the make of your screen and the size of your screen and they then will deliver the item real quickly. It is worry-free because it has 18 months warranty.

Dekomount’s TV wall brackets offers good quality construction and premium engineering of TV wall brackets and the most reasonable price on the market. Their TV wall brackets can accommodate a large screen TV weighing up to 75 kg. Whether you choose a TV wall bracket especially sized for you particular large screen TV, or you choose to utilize one of our universal TV wall brackets, they make sure that you will be pleased with the quality and ease of mounting found in our TV wall brackets.
I can’t wait to have our movie-time back again and spend that special time all by ourselves. Mount up your TV, too.


Zaidat said...

I like that setup! We have a 46" an dI am too scared to mount it for fear if coming home home and finding it shattered in a million pieces on the floor. I do not trust J's handy work with a mount.

Denise said...

Helpful information.