Monday, November 30, 2009

My Browser Didn't Work

For three days, my computer was acting strange. My browser didn't work and I can't get to my blog or anywhere else that I want to open. Everytime I opened it, the screen goes like this for several minutes that I have to restart it again and do the same.
It started last Friday and I was writing my post in between constant refreshing. I was not able to use this computer for the entire Sunday and this morning, I had figured out how I can get to my blog or anywhere else without using the browser. But tonight, I am just amazed that it turned back to normal. I guess my computer had to have some setbacks, too. Well, I am mighty glad that it works fine now. :)


Andrea said...

I had to change to Mozilla Foxfire and now mine works great. I started having LOTS of problems a few months ago and this was recommended by another blogger. I LOVE it!
I miss your sweet comments on my blog. I knew something must be wrong.
Hope this helps,

Denise said...

Sorry your browser was messed up.