Monday, November 16, 2009

Tips On How To Get Cheap Flights

I am looking forward to be able to visit my mama on her 79th birthday which will be on January. (Oh, God please allow me to.) That is the reason why I want to work, too, to be able to save money for my spending allowance in the Philippines. I hope to God that I will hear from those employers that I sent my resume to and can start working very soon.

I know I need now to start looking for cheap airline tickets available if I am planning to go on January. Actually, I asked few of my friends to help me find cheap flights , too. I was browsing online and I found very helpful tips on buying airline tickets from different websites. I wrote them down and had come up with this list:

*Plan the dates that you want to leave and be flexible, knowing that some days or time are typically cheaper days to fly. Check this website,
* Keep yourself updated on airfare wars by watching the news and reading the newspaper. Look for limited-time promotional fares from major airlines and airline companies just starting up.
*Look for deals or travel packages by asking the travel agents. Some areas offer hotel room available at a discount along with the airline ticket.
*Compare rates from one website to another. Diligence always pays off.
*One smart way to find cheap tickets is through “Ticket Consolidators”. You can always find good deals from them.
*Purchase your airline tickets as early as possible. Most airlines have discount if you buy your ticket 3 weeks ahead.
*If possible, avoid passenger’s season. It is usually the time that they raise up their rates.
*Check their stand-by fares, if it is not too risky on your side, but avoid high season because it can be difficult to find a spare seat.
*If possible, stick with the same airline during your entire trip to received round-trip or connecting fare discounts. They always offer that.

For travel-related blogs, Lonely Planet , My Travel Web and Fodors .


Denise said...

Very helpful.

BK said...

Hope you'll be able to get good and cheap airfare so you can fly back to the Philippines to visit your mama and celebrate her birthday with her. I'm sure she will be very happy to see you.

Anonymous said...

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