Friday, December 11, 2009

Car For Christmas Gift! A big "Wow"!

For me and for everybody else, receiving a car for Christmas gift would be fantastic. No, I am not wishing that my husband can read this. He can’t afford to give me a car now. (he-he-he) But to those who are planning to give a car for somebody they love, I am giving you some tips on purchasing a car;
*Look underneath the car, check for rust, etc...
*Do not just base the car on how good the tires are. Check that the oil has no white gunk on the oil cap if it does ...avoid it.
*Ask to start the car and let it run for 5 to 10 minutes to make sure it doesn't overheat.
*Check all locks work, lights, brakes, wipers, heating and the stereo. Take it for a test drive.
Let me share to you some of the latest car reviews from If you are into nicely proportion car, Hyundai Sonata is for you. It comes in three trim levels, all with essentially identical styling: GLS, SE, and Limited. From the outside, “most casual observers would be hard-pressed to tell the difference" from the recent exterior face-lift, opines Leftlane News. Kelley Blue Book comments "some might argue the Sonata design is also somewhat generic"; however, they praise "the Sonata's new styling, even if it's squarely on the conservative side" and "don't see any single design feature likely to turn anybody away from the car." thinks "the Sonata remains refreshingly clean and spare, with sharply angled headlight housings and a quiet, clean-cut grille topped with a sliver of chrome."
If you are into appeal, the GMC Yukon Hybrid is right for you. It has a few aerodynamic changes, along with “hybrid” badges and graphics differentiate it from the nonhybrid version. also points out that the GMC Yukon Hybrid 2009 sports "lower side cladding and unique 18-inch wheels" that all help to reduce drag and work with the hybrid powerplant to improve fuel economy. Its features include rear liftgate with a one-piece aluminum door featuring a fixed glass window," while "an extended rear spoiler improves aerodynamics, as do the sharp-edged D-pillars. The interior of the 2009 Yukon Hybrid is universally appreciated by and other reviewers alike.
You might like the GMC Yukon . Its lineup hasn't changed much since the revamped versions arrived in the 2007 model year. They're handsome machines, with good proportions and a minimum of unnecessary detailing. Many car reviewers praise the Yukon's "handsome styling" and its “big and muscular” look. It has a big GMC grille framed simply by tall headlamps, and big windows are in good proportion to the Yukon's tall side metal. The Yukon's interior has slight differences depending on seating configuration; six-seat versions have a high dash without a center console, while five-seat versions get a wide center storage console. Either shows off a quantum leap in interior quality and styling for the big SUV. There's a wide swath of wood grain trim on some versions, as well as softly rounded corners, tight-fitting, tightly grained plastics, and options for fine leather seats.
My last cars review for today, but definitely not the least, because this is my favorite, Porsche. Guess what? Editors at are big fans of Porsche, too. The overall look of a Porsche car is elegant and purposeful. Porsche is also known for designing the first Volkswagen. For more information about Porsche, check on car encyclopedia and enjoy learning a lot of facts in there.

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