Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Financial Solution From Debt

A friend of ours has been suffering of his back pain and needed a surgery, but too bad, he doesn’t have insurance and have a bad credit record. Actually, I know more than one person with almost the same problem; bad credit record. It is so sad that because of that problem, they feel they have to suffer for the rest of their life. And I was told that most part of the amount of their total debt was from the interest. That is what they told me, the poor become poorer and the rich became richer. That just doesn’t sound fair.
If you are a person with similar problem that I mentioned above, try to visit ANewHorizon.org. This is a site about debt and some credit counseling , and they features lots of very helpful information on how people can reduce their debts and save on basic living expenses. Their site is a resource for financial education, credit counseling and debt management. With their financial solution called; Debt Management Plan (DMP) or Debt Consolidation , they may able to help you get lower interest rates and no over-limit fees, offered by banks through approved non-profit agencies.
This is such a good way to help them rise up again and restart with their financial situation. I think I should be thankful that agencies like these exist to willingly help those that needed it. Let us tell our friends about this and the debt consolidation that could greatly help them.


Pietro said...

Hi Grace! Thanks for sharing this information.
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Denise said...

Great information.