Tuesday, December 1, 2009

For Savvy Online Shoppers

My husband knows that when it comes to grocery shopping, I am always the savvy shopper. I always compare contents, prices and quality before deciding which is which. In times like this, that we have too many expenses that is on the list such as purchasing gifts to the kids and to our love-ones, travelling expenses to visit our family members or friends and gifts to ourselves; we should start to be smart in our spending.
Just in time, I found this cool website, Dotrebates.com . It is a cash back shopping website that is currently giving $5 free cash just for signing up! Yes! It is that easy. They sponsor over 400 stores through their website and pay more on top stores than any other comparable website! You will even get paid if you refer your friends to their website. This is an amazing opportunity for somebody like me, a savvy online shopper to save even more with top stores.
To learn how this work, visit their website and review their objection. After that, sign up and start your online shopping. Remember, you will get $5 cash bonus for signing up. I admit that $5 can go a long way. Although there is no current end date of this promotion, but the earlier you shop, the sooner you start saving. Let us take advantage of this promotion as this season holiday is coming.