Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Was Rushed To Emergency Room

It has been over a week that I had problem every time I use the toilet room. Six days ago, I started to feel pain on my lower back all the way to the front. It feels like an extremely tight belt wrapped around my waist. Monday night, the pain became unbearable and my fever reached to 103 degree, so my husband rushed me to the nearby hospital in Cocoa Beach.
After the test, the finding was that I have UTI. They gave me medication both for the pain and for the infection. On the following two days, I can't get myself out from the bed because the medication made me feel so weak. I lost my appetite and was vomitting.
My pain medication is over tonight. But my infection medication will still be going on for another five days. I am feeling good right now, and I am hoping that I will stay this way from now on.


Clarissa said...

OMG!!Sorry to hear about that my dear..Hope you feel better now..

Anjanette aka. MommaYoung said...

Oh you poor thing, that sounded so painful. Thank goodness hubby took care of you.

Get better soon!