Monday, December 21, 2009

No Internet Connection

If you have noticed that I had not been online since Saturday, it was because I can't get internet connection. To be honest, we really don't have internet connection yet, because we just moved in and we need to have certain proofs or papers to be able to apply for internet connection. And besides that, it is also the financial situation that kept us, because we were thinking that there are still much more important on the list to be prioritize, and since we were able to grasp connection from neighborhood, that was why we were putting aside that task.
Yes, that is true. We are using somebody's connection through our antenna. I didn't realized it was wrong at all. It was doing great on the first few days, then, it became slower... until we were totally shut off. I thought the only reason that it was wrong because we didn't asked persmission, then I realized it could have an effect on their connection if we are using them at the same time, it could slow down their connection. And besides, we really didn't know whose connection we were riding on. Maybe that was the reason that we were not able to use internet anymore because they were shutting us off. They have the right to do so though.
It is very hard for my husband to stay away from the internet, too, because he needs to study and do more research about Business Management . Right now, we moved the computer table close to the window with the hope that we can get connection, and fortunately, we got "Mary and Orville"s connection. They are my husband's cousin, and he called them about it, and of course, it was very fine with them. In this way, we are free from guilt in using somebody's internet connection. Thank God!

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