Monday, December 21, 2009

Still Thinking For A Gift For My Husband

Oh my goodness! It is 21st of December and I still can't figure out what to buy for my husband as a Christmas gift. We agreed not to buy to each other something that we don't need. He already got something for me, but I can't touch it, not until morning of Christmas Day. I know what it is and it is something that I really need.

I asked him what he wants me to buy for him, he said he needs new pants. Good thing or not a good thing, my husband gained more than 10 pounds (3 inches waistline) since we moved in here. It means that all his pants became tighter. I told him that I can buy him pants, but I don't think that getting new pants would be the solution. I can only buy him at least two pairs, and of course, we will need to have more than that. If he don't do something with it, basically, he will have to get a whole set of new clothes. So, I told him to do something to lose 3 inches from his waistline. There can be a lot of ways in accomplishing it such as exercise, proper diet, alternative diet pill, working out or a tummy tuck . Then, I could get him something more special for his Christmas gift.

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