Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cheap DSL Internet Services

It has been almost four months since we moved down here in Florida all the way from Michigan. Although I can’t say that we have an easy life right now, but with all my heart, I can say that I am loving our life here in Florida. Within that time, we had accomplished a lot of things already, but not everything that we need to do. And right now, we are both focused on getting ourselves a job to have a better life than what we have right now.

Another thing that we need to take care of is to get internet service. Right now we are using our cousin’s connection, and it is not very good at all. This has really affected my blogging activity, but I have to understand that getting internet service will take a lot of money from our monthly budget, and we both didn’t think we are ready to commit for that cost. Well, I guess we have to live with this poor internet connection for the meantime.

But I think I found a solution for this problem that we have. Affordable and reliable dial-up internet access is offered in Their internet services starts at the price as low as $9.95 a month. It is an all American owned and operated company specializes in dial-up and dsl service in United States and Canada. If you are interested on this, please go with me to their website and let’s learn more about their service.


Denise said...

Such helpful information.

shydub said...

Florida pala inyo grace, parang sarap ng weather diyan ahh.