Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Second Piece Of Crochet Blanket

Finally, I am done with my second piece of crochet blanket. I can't recall anymore on when I started this, and I had weeks that I stopped working on this, too. I made this blanket for my mama, and hopefully, when I get the chance to visit Philippines, I'll carry this with me to give to her. I like this very much and I am sure that my mama will like this, too, because she likes light colors. The materials on this are sponsored by Aunt Kathy and Aunt Sallie. They both knew that I am going to give this blanket to my mama.

I love doing crafts. When I was still in school, I always get excited to learn new art projects. I always gave extra effort on it, if not, then I would have to do it all over again. That was my life being a student.

Talking about being a student, living in a flat was the exciting part of it. It was the first stepping stone on becoming independent, which most students embraces. One most known place in UK is the Student Lettings Leeds . The good thing in that place is that they are accredited and their houses comply with the advanced code of standards, have burglar alarms, fire alarm systems or mains interlinked smoke detectors, emergency lighting in large properties, washing machines and microwaves as standard. Pickard only manage their own properties , and can therefore provide responsible and satisfactory service.


Denise said...

Really nice.

LynnW said...

The blanket is so beautiful Grace! You are very talented!

VetTech said...

What a pretty afghan, would love it if you would post the pattern!