Thursday, February 11, 2010

How Is Your Stress Level?

Figuring that I will be working soon, I started to think of involving myself to work out activities. The last time I worked was five years ago, and I feel like I easily get stressed out nowadays. With all those foods that I ate, especially chocolate ice cream every night, I know I need to burn out some calorie in me. I wish it is not that cold here in Florida, so that I can do some walking or biking at the park, but it is just so hard for me to do some outdoor activities in this kind of weather we have here in Florida. Indoor work out is my other option.
Talking about indoor work out, I just found out this Power 90 . It is a DVD program guaranteed to get into great shape, fat loss throughout the entire body, one area at a time, for 30 minutes a day in just 90 days. But if you want faster result, Insanity Workout could be for you. This program will have you work out at 85% of your maximum ability. The result is faster and more intensifying. It is a challenge of switching between aerobic and anaerobic intervals performed at your maximum level which will result to burn up to 1,000 calories per hour and get the results in just 60 days. And for the busy individuals, 10 Minute Trainer is ideal. This technique allows you to build a workout program to fit your needs and your schedule in 10-minute increments! It is a combine cardio and strength training simultaneously, rather than one followed by the other.
Cars that are not running around too much are most likely to have engine problem soon. It is the same thing with human body. We need exercise and work out to maintain our stress level. If you don’t know how and what to do, visit

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