Thursday, February 18, 2010

Philippine's Poor Postal Service

I am so upset after I learned that my second letter that I mailed for my mama in the Philippines three weeks ago, still did not arrive. I am almost two years here in USA, and it always took two weeks for my letter to get to her.
December 5th of last year, I mailed the letter to my mama, assuming that she would get it before Christmas Day. Come Christmas Day. Come New Year's Day. Come my mama's birthday (January 13th). The letter did not get to her. The good thing was, I had saved the letter on my document, and I have decided to re-print the same letter and sent it again to her on 25th of January. Come Valentine's Day. Today is 18th of February, I asked my sister about it and told me that no letter ever arrived since December.
It is very frustrating. My mama really wants and needs to regularly receiving letter from me. It is running for four months since the last time she got one from me. I don't want her to be sad. I may not know what exactly happened to my letters, but I want to say that I blamed it on the Philippine's poor postal service. It is one most common problem we have in the Philippines, especially during Christmas season. Letters, packages or cards are either lost, opened or delayed. It once made me mad, but what can we do. We can't pinpoint whose fault were they.
But my concern is, aside from robbing something from packages or envelops, they are robbing people's joy, the joy they got from receiving letter and read it. The joy of long-distance communication. Somehow, I am still hoping that those letter will show up. For the meantime, I will again re-print the same letter, and will send it out again. I hope this poor government service will soon resolve, and stopped the crime.


Pietro said...

Grace, sometimes the Postal Services are not very good indeed!
Have a nice day!

projectdennio said...

What do we expect from a government that does not even provide basic services to our people?