Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Truths That Some Christians Don't Want To Hear

I am still on my book "Cat & Dog Theology" by Bob Sjorgen and Gerald Robison. It is really a good book. I came across this passage that says there are truths that Christians don't want to hear. Undeniably, it is always the good things that we heard from the minister, but the truth is, there are these "unpleasant truths" that we need to hear and I want to share these here on my blog.
*Your siblings are going to sell you off as a slave so that God can use you in a foreign land. (From the story of Joseph)
*God might want you to marry a person from another culture just so you can bond with your in-law and show her kindness after your spouse dies. (From the story of Ruth)
*You are to be a prophet to the church, jailed, and you won't see fruit for most of your years of ministry. (From the story of Jeremiah)
*God might want our country to be invaded and devastated to get the gospel outside of it. (The dipersion)
*God might want you to be thrown into a blazing fire to show His power. (The story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego)
*God might want you to be stoned to death. (From the story of Stephen)
*God might want you to be forcefully taken from your home, become the leader of another country, and then be cheated and thrown into a lion's den. (From the story of Daniel)
*God might want a famine to come to your land so that you might move to another country and share your faith. (From the story of Abraham's first missionary journey to Egypt)
*God might want you to become a slave to reach out to other people. (From the story of the young girl in 2Kings 5)
*God might test you by having all of your assets taken away, having your children killed and inflicting you with severe pain. (From the story of Job)
*God might want you in jail to share your faith with others. He might want you beaten with rods, stoned, shipwrecked, naked, cold, hungry, and beten with thirty-nine lashes multiple times. (From the story of the apostle Paul)
Why aren't we commonly taught these lessons? Frankly, they don't sell well. If they don't sell well, then, of course, church attendance would be low. With low church attendance, it will resulted to low income. With less money in the church, you can't do more things for the kingdom.
This post is taken from the book that I mentioned above on pp. 86-87.


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