Thursday, April 8, 2010

Amazing America - Babies

One big dfference in the family lifestyle here in America and in Philippines is in the way of bringing up the babies. There are some of the ways that the parents here in America brought up their babies in amazingly wonderful ways that it made me wish that it is like that in the Philippines, too, but not all of them. I believe that most Filipinos will agree with me; and here are my observations:

I have seen some parents that their babies are sleeping in a separate room. I am not so fond of this because in my case, I may not heard if my baby cries or making some noise that would suppose to alert me. (It is because I have a hearing problem.) I have seen a lot of scenario that the baby is set alone at the back seat (with the seatbelt). Of course, I understand that it is the law and it is for protection. It just amazed me maybe because I have never seen anything like that in the Philippines. If I were the parent, I may not want to miss a second watching my baby beside me. I have also observed that babies here in America are less irritable and seem very content being in a basket or in a stroller than most of the babies in the Philippines. My goodness! They are very impressive. They looked so disciplined.
Then, I realized that it is how the independence of the individual had started. That is why a lot of teen-agers want their liberty staring in a very young age, because they already have that sense of dependence since they were a baby. This is too way different compare to the lifestyle in the Philippines.

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