Monday, May 17, 2010

Noseeums (No-See-Ums) Bites

The first time I came here in Florida was during our honeymoon almost two years ago. I had bites all over my legs just like this picture (this image is taken from Google Image). It started when I was trying to make pork barbeque outside. The amazing thing was that, even after a while of that day that I was outside, the bites keep going on. I figure that the noseeums sticks to my clothes and that they are around inside the house keep biting me even when I did not go outside anymore, and even if I was wearing sweat pants, too. The worse part is that, after almost two years I am still carrying the scars on my legs now. Very frustrating. I am really desperate for a way to vanish the scar very soon.
Definition of Noseeums - Noseeums are nasty little bugs typically found near the ocean and around rivers, lakes, and swamps. Also known as biting midges, these tiny bugs can be as small as .04 inches long. It is the female that inflicts the nasty bite because she needs blood to complete her egg laying process. Consequently they go after any exposed skin, be it human or animal. A normal walk is fast enough to outrun these slow flying bugs, and a slight breeze is enough to cause them to lay down in the grass and not be a bother. On a still night noseeums can wreck havoc in the campground. Your best defense in this situation, beyond using Deet products, is to have a tent with noseeum netting.
Just few days ago, my Filipino friends and I were having a cook out by the pool and all of us were getting noseeum bugs again. Ouch! I should have listen to my husband to apply some Deet products before going out. Stubborn me. Somebody said to us that the noseeums obviously didn't like Filipinos here in Florida. I guess he was right.


Mike Golch said...

those nasty sobs just like any one blood that's all.I stay indoors when they are in season here by Lake Erie.

Mike said...

An interesting article on no see um bite treatment: