Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Using Safe Insect Spray To Avoid Risks To Human Health And Our Pets.

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My husband is very particular on organic products. He got it from my Dad-in-law. They are a family with a health consciousness. When we were still in Michigan, we had organic vegetable garden and we make sure that we use safe insect control. Our tomatoes were safe. We thanked God that we didn’t have any bug problems on our plants. Talking about gardening, my husband has a little one here in our new place. He planted tomatoes, green onions, radish and several kinds of peppers. I am happy to say that I always have fresh tomatoes on my breakfast every morning.

For organic gardening safe insect control, EndALL insect spray is the exciting new ready-to-use insect spray. It kills 45 different insects in all stages of life from eggs to adults. Its unique formulation of organic insecticides has been blended to kill on contact. Organic Pyrethrin and soap kill adult and larval stages while Neem oil kills the eggs to prevent infestation. This will help you avoid disappointment with the produce and you can be sure that they are safe for consumption. This product can be safe for use on flowers, fruits, vegetables, lawn, landscaping, ornaments and houseplants. For sensitive species, test a small area of the plant for 24 hours before spraying the entire plant. Plus, it is OMRI®-listed and compliant for use in organic gardening. It is important to have safe insect control to avoid risks to human health, to the birds, and to our pets, too.

If you have a garden, I encourage you to take a look at EndALL for more very helpful gardening tips, products and information.

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Lisa said...

It was so good to catch back up with up. I will be praying for you concerning your job. I will for sure try some of the organic insect killer.
God Bless