Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Love Pajamas.

I love wearing pajama. I could wear it the whole day if I didn’t care what others would say. I just love its cozy feeling, especially on my days off from work. But honestly, there are nights that it gets me into trouble because my husband would sometime complain about me wearing pajamas a lot. He wants me to wear those sexy lingerie that he bought. I did though. But not very often, because I am always feeling cold, that I can’t get rid of wearing those pajamas with socks, too. Even on summer time. Oh yes! Well, it is because my husband always turned the air-conditioning on to make himself comfortable all day long.
Anyway, talking about pajamas, and if you are fond of women’s pajamas , too, here is a cool website that I want to share with you; They have a wide variety selection of sleepwear, night gown, robes, lingerie, nighties, sleepshirts and womens pajamas made from variety kinds of materials that would surely capture your heart. Lookie here at these cutey pajamas that catch my eyes from their website, a softies Melanie short sleeve crop. I just love their pastel colors.
If you are a pajama-lover and is planning to buy women’s pajamas , I definitely would suggest for you to visit their website and I should say that you will have fun picking your choice.

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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

ako din gusto ko ang pajama..