Monday, September 27, 2010

Have Yourself Painted For Free

It is grand to have our picture hand-painted by somebody, especially by a popular and very well-known painters of all time like Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Kinkade, Michelangelo and many, many more... the list would be too long if I will have to go on to mention all of them. Yes, it is grand because you can be proud of yourself to have this kind of painting hanging on your living room wall... and yes, it is grand because it could cost you too much, if not a lifetime saving, will depend on who is the artist/painter.
But I want to say that I am fortunate that I belong to this generation where everything can be possible "cyber-cally" speaking. Here is my portrait. I love it. My husband does, too. Everybody agrees that it is very beautiful. Are you one of them? (he-he-he) The artist sure did a good work there and made me look so fabulous. But guess what, it didn't cost me my lifetime saving, it didn't even cost me a penny. Yes, I have myself painted for free. Now I can boast and show off my "hand-painted" portrait here in the cyberworld. How and where? I found the secret. Just go to, and pick your choices. I had a blast doing it. I am very sure you will have one, too. Start yours now and show it to us. :)


willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Uh? I should go there too.

Arty Bluejay said...

Ako rin, gusto ko ang gimmik na yan. Thanks sis.