Friday, October 15, 2010

A Child Is Born

Two Christmas ago, I was making my own Christmas cards to give away to our friends and relatives. It was made of pressed grass, sugar-fined eggshells and some glitters. It was very beautiful that I got a lot of compliment on it. I was not able to do that last Christmas because we just moved in here and I didn’t have too much time on my hand to do it. This coming Christmas would probably be worse; especially if I will get the job, the one that I just had the interview this afternoon. If that will happen, it will leave me with no choices but to purchase Christmas Cards online.
No matter what, I will send out our Christmas Cards this year. This is something that my husband and I did since we were together, and we don’t want to break it. Yes, it is only October now, but if you are a busy person, this month is the right time to start planning the purchase, counting the names to figure out how many Christmas Cards you need to buy. This Christmas Card I am showing is from I love it. Go to their and I’m sure you will find your choice of Christmas Cards, too.

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ME said...

How are you sis... Good luck sa job interview mo. Saan ka nag apply?