Monday, October 25, 2010

A Friend Behind Bars

I am sad, deeply sad. A good friend just told me that one of our dear friends is in trouble. (Actually, if I can have more than one "best" friend, I want to consider her as one of my very few "best" friends.) I wish I can come to visit her to comfort her, or to just give her hope. I haven't seen here for almost three years. I was not able to see her when I was in the Philippines. Truth to tell was, I really didn't want to go to their place to see her. I could have made an arrangement for us to meet somewhere else, but never in their place, but time did not permit me.
I know the reason why she is in jail right now. It is the same reason why I didn't want to go to their house to visit her. She was involving herself in some illegal activities. She was dealing illegal drugs. I hate to say it. It is not the way of saying of how proud you are of your friend. She is my dear friend. We were classmates in 6th grade, 1st year, 3rd year & 4th year high school. Even after school, we were still close friends. We stick together. Her family admire me for that. We take turns to visit each others house. We shared secrets, and enjoyed outdoor activities. During the time that I moved to another city, we regularly exchanged letters. At one time in her life, we shared the same spiritual faith, too, that made us even more closer.
She was a lady with a good reputation; many admire her because of that, including me. Despite where she lives, and despite the peer pressure that surrounded her, she was able to maintain her good reputation. She then met a man, and lived together. I want to say that I believe it was where it all started. She have seen their neighbors involving in that illegal activities and witnessed how their lives were improving, and stepping out of the mire of poverty. Well, it was indeed a very attractive and easy way out of the misery living. I even told her to leave that area; to live a life away from that kind of neighborhood. She did not. She told me that it was very difficult for them to start it. I understood them. To make a right step is always very difficult, and you often end up doing nothing. Then, one day, it was my turn to visit her, I caught her selling it. I was so depressed. It was the start of our irregular visits. I don't want to go on.
Right now, I am trying to get a hold of her by asking our one common friend on how I can correspond to her. I don't want to end our friendship with her behind the bars. It is where she needs me the most. My prayer is that God will use me to reach her out and come back to Him.


ppp said...

hi tita grace,

kakalungkot ano kaya lang choice nya kasi yun kaya medyo mahihirapan sya. ganun talaga buhay di maiiwasan yan lalo na dito sa atin sa pinas lahat kasi dito mahirap e.

siguro ang magagawa natin sa ngayon e manalangin na lang na sana mababa lang ang maging hatol para may pagkakataon pa sya na magbago. ingat ka dyan tita...

Pearl said...

Sad story grace. SHe's blessed to have you as a friend though.