Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Love Potion #9 -by The Searchers

When it comes to choices of songs, maybe you could be one of those who would call me an "old school". Yes, my kind of songs are from 70's, 80's and maybe some from 90's. It is probably because of the lyrics that the old songs have... or maybe because when I was a kid I get to hear them too often because my father used to play them in our house, and I grow up to like them.
No offense, please, but I believe that some of you would agree with me that some "new generation's" song's lyrics just don't make sense to me. If you would ask me for an example, I can't give you any because I really don't know any of them. I heard them. I gave negative comments about them, then I forget them. But there are some new songs, too, that I like. If you ask me for a title, again, I can't give you any. Maybe because I don't get to hear them too often. We don't turn on our radio in the house.
But this song that I am sharing to you is "something" to me. It is "Love Potion #9", probably from 60's. I just recover this song from YouTube a while ago, and it brought back memories in my mind. I can still remember that we have a long play record of "The Searchers", and my sister loves to play them over and over again. As I was playing it, I was amused by its visual humor. It really portrayed every lyrics. And I realized, too, that singing along with it is more like doing a tongue twister. It made my day.
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