Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Next Plan Is To Pursue College

Recently, I have a problem with my work; they assigned to me the position that I did not applied for. It is a lot harder than what I already had. Other than that, I also have a problem with one of the people that I worked with. He was always following me around; always looking for a chance to have me all by himself and acted strangely. These were two of the major complains I have in my work and for me, these were enough to do the next step which was to quit my job. It has been almost a week now, and I never felt any regret at all. In fact, I felt so relieved.

My husband suggested to me that I should pursue college so that I can get a job that I want to have. What do I want? I always want to be a journalist or a social worker. I love dealing with people in the public. I can’t believe I said this, because everybody knows that I am shy. But I know myself that I can overcome that trait if I need to.

Talking about pursuing college, I am undecided between online studying or classroom. If I do the online studying, I can get a part-time job at the same time, but I feel like I can learn better in the classroom, where there are interactions and deeper explanations. I have to think about it. But I believe it all depends on the situation that I am in right now.

Talking about online studying, I find Walden University very convincing, based on the positive reviews they got from their current and previous students. They featured degree programs that really interests me. I was checking thoroughly their website for more details. You can also consult a virtual adviser to help you find out what you should take through their quick interactive assessment. The Chronicle that they have has given me a lot of very helpful information such as economics, career ideas and many more. I reach to a point where it crossed my mind that maybe I should get an Education to be more useful to the new generation knowing that the Department of Education is in need of million of educators. Well, I guess, thorough research is needed for me before I jump to decision making.

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sweetdonut said...

pursue your studies sis!