Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shark's Tooth Necklace

One of the things that my husband wants me to buy for him when I went to the Philippines two months ago was a string of coconut beads with a shark's tooth on it. In short, a native necklace. He used to have one. It was my very first gift to him when I was still in the Philippines. But due to its native nature, constant soaking in the water during shower loses the hold of the abaca rope that was glued on the shark's tooth. I gave him another one again when I came here to live with him for good, and the same thing happened to it. I was trying to fix both, but didn'tlast so long. Now is the third time that I gave him this necklace of similar kind.
Unlike with the first and the second, this third one is special. I create them myself. Since I can't find the exact design and color that he really want, I had decided then to buy raw materials and a shark' tooth. Using the fishing line, I assembled them together and this is what it turned out.
My husband likes this very much (again). I told him that as much as possible to remove it from his neck every time he take shower. He didn't like the idea. I understand the inconvenience of removing and putting it back regularly, but it would be worth it if you want to help the necklace last longer than the first and the second.

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sweetdonut said...

how sweet of you to make your man a necklace.

nice post!