Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spring Morning In The RV

This picture was a little more than a year ago, where my husband and I were visiting Uncle Therman and Aunt Anna by the campground. That is their life; spending weeks in an RV at a campground. They are a retired couple and just love going from one campsite to another campsite. Well, with all the money that they were able to put up for their retirement plan, they just deserve to have this kind of lifestyle.

My husband and I love doing the same thing, too. We love the feeling of doing some adventure. We spent a couple of days in a campsite right after our wedding. That was so cool. We wanted to do it again, but we always end up putting it later. We don’t have our own RV, but my husband know where to find rv rentals . is the nation’s largest new and used RV dealer network. Their RV’s are unbelievably affordable, stable and “inside-out” appealing. If you are planning for a family trip, I suggest that you consider renting RV’s. I believe that it will turn out to be the best vacation your family ever had because that is just what our family deserve.


dodong flores said...


I'd like to try that too if only we have that RV lifestyle here in the Philippines...

pearl said...

sooo cool!