Monday, November 15, 2010

Aquarium of the Pacific

This guest post from Arlene Guthrie

I always have friends and people ask me how I spend quality time with the family, which activities are the best to choose, and more. On the top of my list for fun family activities is definitely visiting the Aquarium of the Pacific. At an aquarium the whole family will find something they love whether it be the sharks, fish, starfish, jellyfish, or even manatees.

I always pack a cooler of food before I leave the house so the family can have something to eat after we're done at the aquarium. Before we all get into the car, I turn on the home security alarm from just to be safe because we are always gone for several hours. When we get to the aquarium excitement is in the air! Everyone wants to rush ahead to see what they want to see but I always want to keep everyone in a group. Having a lost member of the family wouldn't be very fun! At the aquarium some of our favorite exhibits are the Sea Otter Habitat, Lorikeet Forest, and just any exhibit that has colorful fish! We love the Lorikeet Forest because you can walk through and feed them nectar. This gives you the chance to see the unique birds up close and personal. Out of the northern and the southern exhibit we normally head to the Tropical Pacific Gallery first because we'll see some of the prettiest fish in that tank. Altogether, I hope the family all remembers the visits to the aquarium as a fun filled time.

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