Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Loan Using Your Structured Settlement

Our church friend from the Philippines visited Texas for a holiday, had a bad accident on an elevator ride in a certain building that broke his left arm. He sued the owner of the building, and the lawyer said that everything look so favorable on his side. It kept him here in USA for a while because of the therapy and rehabilitation. It caused him his business that was going so stable at that time, lost a big business deal and missed his flight back to the Philippines. In other words, a fortune turned into dust. The trial started and it left him with nothing to go on.

He don’t want to linger more here in USA to wait for the closing of the case and for his money. The good thing is Solid Funding provides lawsuit loans for plaintiffs with pending lawsuit settlements. They provide cash for structured settlement . The trial may run for about a year or more, but the plaintiff don’t have to worry because these loans are non-recourse. In other words, the plaintiffs do not have to pay the money back unless the plaintiff wins their case. In that way, he can get cash for his structured settlement now and let the Solid Funding handle it.

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