Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Partial Christmas Wishlist

We are halfway from November already, but it is not very cold here in Florida yet. The mornings are chilly but the evenings are warm. Turning on the ceiling fans are better than turning on the air-conditioner. It cost less.
I thought I must start to write down my Christmas Wishlist. My husband and my parents-in-law wants me to give them specific gifts that I want rather than having them guess what I may like. It is a good idea though. It is very common among us on Christmas Day to receive gifts that we really didn't need, and on some cases, we get duplicates, too. Of course, I know it is not the gift that really matters, it is the heart full of love from the giver. But I don't blame if somebody would rather have it this way, because they want to make sure that their spending was not in vain, and I agree on that.
These are the partial Christmas Wishlist that I have on my mind.
-----My priority is the Ladies Bicycle because I feel like I need to build-up my confident on the road before learning to drive a car, and I want to start with the bicycle.
-----I always wanted to learn how to play the keyboard because I want to be able to use it during daily devotion in our house. I prefer the rolled keyboard so that I can put it away after using, and saves space, too.
-----I used to join a Zumba class few months ago, but due to my job, I stopped it. Not that I don't want to do it anymore, because I do, but it conflicts my time. I realized I want to do it in our house on my own convenient time.
I want to add more to it to give them more choices. I find it difficult to think what I want to get. I don't want getting something that I really don't need. Well, I guess I still have enough time to figure out though. Make your Christmas Wishlist now, too.

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