Sunday, November 7, 2010

No More High Phone Bills

Every time our cellphone bill arrives, I can’t help but worry about how much was the cost of my previous few calls to my family in the Philippines. Although my husband keep telling me not to worry about the cost, but I am concern about where our money goes and how we’d spent it. I wish there is another way to make my phone calls cost be minimize. I can’t cut on calling because I want to know how they are doing especially my mother who have health problem. My husband suggested that we should get a phone line here in our house so that it will be cheaper if I call to my family in the Philippines, but we were not sure if it was a good idea.

My husband happened to talk to our friend (a real state broker) the other day; coincidentally, my husband mentioned about getting a phone line, and our friend recommended Namada Cheap International Calling Services. Our friend told us how satisfied he is with Namada, especially in his area of business where many people call him on his phone everyday. Part of their service is the toll free forwarding and international call forwarding around the world that ring to any number anywhere. We learned that we could get a toll free number in virtually any country in the world and have the number forwarded to our landline or mobile phone in another country. It got good quality connections and great reasonable rates. This tollfreeforwarding service sounds amazing. We’ll give this a consideration.

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